What’s the Difference? Highlights, Lowlights & Babylights: A Guide for Everyone

Image of 3 girls with three different hair color techniques: Highlights, Lowlights and Babylights

Are you thinking of giving your hair a fresh look but feeling confused with all the different coloring techniques? Don’t worry! Hair coloring is full of options, and knowing their differences is essential. Picking the right method can enhance your natural beauty and boost your confidence.

This guide from Allure Beauty an expert Beauty Salon NZ is here to make things easy for you. We’ll break down the difference between Highlights, Lowlights & Babylights, helping you choose the best technique that suits your unique style. Let’s explore the fascinating world of lowlights vs highlights and babylights!

What Are Highlights:

Traditional highlights involve strategically lighting specific sections of your hair. By doing so, these highlights add brightness and dimension, enhancing your overall hair appearance.


Whether you want highlights on brown hair or black hair highlights, traditional hair highlights offer versatility to suit various hair colors.

How are Highlights Applied?

The application of highlights varies, providing different effects. Foils and balayage are standard methods used to achieve highlights. Foils give a more structured look, while balayage offers a freehand, natural effect. Understanding these techniques allows personalization based on your style preferences and daily routine.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Highlights

While traditional highlights bring vibrancy and depth to your hair, they may require more maintenance. Regular touch-ups are often needed to maintain the desired look. On the positive side, their versatility in terms of color and style can outweigh the maintenance aspect, making them a popular choice for those seeking a dynamic appearance.

What are the Lowlights?

Lowlights involve adding darker tones to specific sections of your hair. This technique creates depth and contrast, providing a more natural and multi-dimensional look on lowlight hair.

Hair Lowlights are particularly suitable for individuals who prefer a subtle change without the dramatic effect of traditional highlights.

How are Lowlights Applied?

Similar to highlights, lowlights can be applied using various methods. The choice of technique influences the overall result, allowing for customization based on personal preferences.

Whether you are a blond with lowlights or opt for a blend or a more defined look, the application of lowlights is versatile and adaptable to different styles.

Pros and Cons of Lowlights

Lowlights offer reduced maintenance compared to highlights. Their natural look is well-suited for those who want to enhance their hair without drastic changes. Weighing these pros and cons is crucial for making an informed decision that aligns with your desired aesthetic.

What Are Babylights

Babylights hair is like nature’s gentle touch on hair. Mimicking the sun-kissed glow of children’s hair, this trending technique is known for its subtle and versatile charm.


How Babylights Differ From Highlights and Lowlights

The rise of babylights has gained strength due to the herbal and natural effects on your hair, baby lights differ from traditional highlights and lowlights. Understanding these nuances helps you choose the technique that perfectly aligns with your style goals.

Suitability for Everyone

Babylights complement various hair types and colors, providing a soft and blended effect. Whether you require a baby’s light blonde hair, this technique suits your specific hair characteristics for a natural and radiant appearance.

How to Choose Between Babylights, Highlights, and Lowlights?

When deciding between highlights, lowlights, and baby lights, consider your style, maintenance preferences, and the overall look you want to achieve. Each technique offers a unique appeal, so understanding your preferences is key.

Consultation Tips with Your Stylist

Effective communication with your stylist is crucial. Learn tips to express your vision and collaborate with your stylist for the best results, ensuring your hair reflects your style.

Maintenance and Aftercare

Tips for Vibrant Color: Preserving your chosen color requires proper care. Tips to extend the life of your highlights, lowlights, or babylights, ensure your hair stays vibrant and beautiful.

Recommended Hair Care Routines: Personalize your hair care routine to your specific coloring technique. From shampoos to styling products, discover what works best to maintain your desired look and keep your hair healthy and radiant.

Celebrity Trends and Inspirations

Celebrities showcase a myriad of hair colors, from highlights to babylights. Gain inspiration from A-listers who effortlessly rock different hair coloring techniques, offering trendy ideas for your next salon visit.

Impact on Beauty Trends

Beyond the glamour of the red carpet, celebrities wield substantial influence in shaping beauty standards. Their hair color choices extend beyond personal style, impacting societal perceptions of beauty and fashion trends.

DIY vs. Professional Services

DIY Service: Considering a DIY hair color project? Understand the potential risks associated with coloring your hair at home. Take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages before going for a do-it-yourself journey.

Professional Services: Opting for professional salon services brings a wealth of benefits. There are many advantages to entrusting your hair transformation to skilled colorists who offer precision and expertise, ensuring a polished and personalized result.

Cost Considerations

When deciding on the best hair coloring technique, your budget matters. Gain insight into the estimated costs for highlights, lowlights, and babylights to align your choice with your financial considerations.

Effective budget planning involves understanding the variables affecting pricing. Some factors like salon location, stylist experience, and product quality all contribute to the overall cost of your chosen coloring service.


In summary, choosing a hair color opens up many possibilities with baby lights, lowlights, and highlights. Knowing the distinctions helps you pick what suits your style. Whether you prefer classic highlights, subtle lowlights, or trendy baby lights, just remember – your hair is your way of expressing yourself.

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